Dark Histories is growing and that’s AWESOME! What’s slightly less awesome is the associated fees for hosting a healthy Podcast on a consistent host, handling the technical side of things to keep up with audience expectations etc. The podcast is entirely independent, we don’t have producers, marketers, smoochers nor any of that other associated fluff that medium to large podcasts often have these days. That’s another win, however, it can get expensive. Below is a couple of ways you can help us out and support the show.

If you enjoy the podcast, have a bit of change to spare and think it’s worth it, I won’t say no to you tossing it our way. It will be well spent on keeping the show sustainable.

I use Patreon which allows you to make a recurring monthly payment for as little as $1 in exchange for some small perks, like early access to shows, Bonus episodes, an E-Book and access to all my research notes for each episode. Click the link to jump straight over and check it out. https://www.patreon.com/darkhistories

We are pleased to announce that we’re now affiliated advertisers with Audible.com. If you’re not aware, they are an audiobook subscription service. As a member of Audible, you get one credit every month to spend on an audiobook of your choice and if you cancel your subscription, you keep your books. I’m actually a member myself so am really pleased we could bring an advertiser to the table that I actually do rate.

By using our affiliate link, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial, including one free credit to download any book of your choice. Once your trial is up, you can cancel if it’s not for you and you’ve lost absolutely nothing and given us a small kickback in the process. It’s literally win-win! the link for your free trial and audiobook is http://www.audibletrial.com/darkhistories or you can hit the logo opposite.


Thank you so much to all supporters! Big love to:

Jacks Nan

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