So there’s been a bit of a break in content recently with Dark History. I haven’t given it up though, it’s just that I seem to have underestimated my schedule and overestimated my work rate a little bit.Going forward I am going to take a little break from producing videos and instead research and prepare several episode scripts so that I can always be working in advance of the current episode. This way I will be able to release content on a far more regular basis and if any unexpected events occur, or I’m just too busy one week to be reading some weird book about a dog with eight brains in his arse that eats children or something, I’ll still be able to produce and release an episode that I have in the bank.So.. It’s all good news I think?! A short break and then on with the episodes on a far more regular basis! Sounds good right?!Fortunately, I figured this out early whilst I don’t have an audience anyway….