Dark Histories Patreon Launch!

Nov 24, 2017

So last week saw something of an “official” launch of the Patreon page. It was actually set up a while back, I built it up just to have it there ready to go at some point in the future but a delightful listener added their support for the podcast, so I thought hey why not, let’s get it rolling. We managed to grab a couple of new supporters which really, I can’t describe what a great feeling it was to see that. I love making the podcast, but it means so much to me that people are willing to stump up for it, since they enjoy listening. That’s really been very touching. So thank you so much!
You might ask, what do I need a Patreon for anyway? What are you going to do with the money? That’s a fair enough question, so I wanted to write a little blog post explaining my plans for the future of the show in terms of financial investment. They aren’t necessarily dependent on Patreon, but this is exclusively what the Patreon money will go towards.
Short term
In the short term, the initial patron support and really my only goal for now that I’m considering possible, will be to make the podcast break even on a monthly basis. At present, that means $20 from Patreon per month which will cover Podcast and website hosting. I think this is possible and whilst not unbearable for me right now, if I can break even, I can look to re-purpose that money elsewhere. Expansion to keep up with the shows current growth is not really affordable for me at the present time, so that’s what comes next.
Medium term
The mid term goal and really my next big target after the fantastic growth the podcast has seen so far, is to begin upgrading my equipment and hosting. I’m lucky in the sense that having always been into music, I had all the equipment I needed on hand right from the start. My mic pre-amp is excellent, I have all the software, cables, stands.. all those little things. What does badly need upgrading however, is my mic. I have a few mics, but none of them are designed for vocals. Some people don’t pay as much attention to sound quality as others, but if you’re one of those people that are sensitive to audio or work in sound a lot, you might have already noticed that my podcast is quite heavily processed for a simple vocal track. You’d be right! My mic right now is not made for the subtleties of voice. It has quite a high noise floor, which in simple terms means when I record a quiet voice narration, there is a lot of background noise, hissing and low-grade white noise that needs removing. This all has to be done after the fact and this is what leads to my voice sounding heavily processed. It might gain a cleaner sound, but it’s heavy handed. If you hear podcasters using better mics designed for vocals, you’ll notice a much more natural, clean and transparent sound. So that’s where the money in the mid-term will go. First and foremost will be a microphone upgrade, then after that, will be to pay a sound engineer on a per-episode basis to clean up the audio professionally and better hosting for the website and podcast. I have a sound engineer lined up to do this and know him and his work, having worked with him in the past. Right now, this is not very affordable for me, but with the help of Patreon, could very well be a reality and will lead to a podcast that would meet professional broadcasting standards and it would not be too much more cash per month to do, once the mic is in place.
Long term
At this stage, we’re talking pipe dreams. Recording in a real (rented) studio space, creating sister shows, illustrated books to accompany each season. I have a lot of big ideas, but none which are anything more than glimmers on the horizon right now. Let’s see where the future takes us and hopefully hit that mid term goal first eh…
So, that’s my plan and that’s why I ask for support from you guys. If you can chip in and help, you have my sincerest thanks! If not and I do understand, that’s no worries too. Sharing the show with friends, family and on the web, rating and reviewing, it all helps in one way or another. I’m a literal one man show here, I don’t have marketers, editors, producers or any of that guff a lot of podcasts seem to have nowadays, so as they say, every little helps. Anyway, if you would like to check out our Patreon, have a look at the support page in the top menu, you get some little perks like early access to episodes, access to my research notes and Google Hangouts etc. as well as just being a part of the future of the podcast! Thanks as always for listening, reading, checking the show out, whatever. It’s all appreciated!