Moya is launched & Dark Histories YouTube stuff

Apr 5, 2018

SO this week I launched my fiction podcast called “Moya”. I’m not sure if anyone actually follow this blog, but if you do, you might remember me mentioning something about Moya before. I’ve been writing and recording this podcast on the side for a while now and it’s nice to finally get it out in the wild. I’m real excited to see peoples reactions to the various plot twists and turns as the season progresses. If anyone heard the trailer and was concerned that I’d taken up Moya and stopped Dark Histories, don’t stress, Moya was always on the side and I’ve been writing it in the background, so Dark Histories is still on. The entire season for Moya is actually complete so it doesn’t detract from my work on Dark histories at all.

Speaking of Dark histories, I upload the narrations from each episode to YouTube, but I’d like to expand on my use of YouTube for the show, so I’m going to be trying a few things out over there in the coming months. Obviously anything relevant will go in the usual episode posts on this site too and linked in show notes etc.

Just a quick one really then, just wanted to reassure about Moya, also, if anyone hasn’t yet, check it out wherever you usually get your podcasts from, there’s a small trailer if you’re interested to get you going, which you can check out here:

It’s available in all the usual places, iTunes, Google Play etc. Check it out if you get a 20 minutes!

As always, thanks for listening! x