Moving host

Oct 24, 2017

Just a heads up, I’ve switched hosting for the podcast. Hopefully, things will be smooth and there should be nothing needed to be done on your part. If you experience any funkiness, try re-subbing in your podcast player of choice but it shouldn’t come to that as all redirects are in place.The reason for the change is all positive. The old host has been struggling over the past week or so and there were large periods of time where it wasn’t able to supply the podcast which I can’t be dealing with. The new host is slightly more pricey but should assure stable delivery as it’s a serious platform. This also means the podcast should be well set up for the long-term future.Thanks for listening and let’s hope for a smooth transition. If you do have any problems, feel free to get in touch, I’ll help where I can and I’d like to know anyway.Cheers!