Here there be changes!

Jan 3, 2018

Happy New Year to you all! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, ate too much, got all you wished for, had a great time and with luck, didn’t wake up in a bush on New Years Day.

As the New Year comes, we’re gearing up for the launch of Season 2 over here at Dark Histories. Did I just say “we”? I certainly did. For season 2, there are going to be a few changes to the show. Before anyone freaks out, the core of the show, that is, the stories will still be there in exactly the same format as before, no worries. This heart of the show is what I always wanted to do and what I’ll always continue to do. No change there. The format will shift ever so slightly in order to grow the podcast into something bigger and better. So, what’s going to happen?

The New Format

From Season 2 onwards, Dark Histories will be joined by Sally and will be a two host show, rather than just me solo. This is something I’ve wanted to evolve into for a long while now. I want to give you guys the best possible show and one of the downsides to hosting a solo show, like in Season 1, is that there is no opportunity for me to have a more personal approach with the listeners. I’m essentially operating as a talking head and I wanted that to change. With Sally coming onboard, it gives us the opportunity to explore the subjects of each show and put our own personal slants into each episode. Hopefully narrowing the gap between me and you guys as listeners. So here’s the rough sketch for the new format:

Short intro > Story (as season 1) > Discussion > Outro

For those not interested in a longer format with two hosts, you could hypothetically sack off the extra and have the exact same show as Season 1, though of course, I’d love it if you stick around to check out the new content! Sallys “role” if you like, will be that of an average listener and she’ll be listening to the story and then coming on to discuss with me without doing any of her own research, that way we can have a discussion and hit (hopefully) most questions that an average listener might mull over themselves.

Bi-Weekly Release Schedule (for now)

This one is a bit of a downer, but it’s not all bad news! I’ll sadly be shifting the release schedule to a bi-weekly format at least in the short term. In season 1 I was writing up to 11,000 words per week for each episode, recording everything, editing, uploading and then attempting to badly run my social networking on top to get the word out for each release. I enjoyed it thoroughly, I love writing, but with the shows new elements, I want to shift it to bi-weekly as a temporary measure because honestly, this is all a blind leap for me and I’d rather have a schedule I know I can hit rather than one that I keep missing due to things that I just didn’t forsee or plan for that may crop up. I actually don’t anticipate much extra work on my part, so it might not be the case that I have to keep it bi-weekly for very long, but just until I’m comfortable with the new cycle and scheduling is flowing well, I feel like this might be the best bet. Going forward then, for possibly the first month, each episode will be slightly longer, since Sally will be coming onboard to add the “discussion” segment of the episode, but the episodes will be released every other Sunday.


On the other hand, one other element I have been keen to add to the show is direct contact with people who are related to a story if they are available, by this I mean in the form of authors or experiencers. I would love to get guests on to interview and give their own insight into an episodes subject and when this is possible, the interview will be released as a “bonus” or “part 2” as a different download, since those times I can arrange for a guest will be a little bit different and something new to learn again, so I’d prefer to keep the production of those separate. This means that at times, the show will, in fact, be released in a weekly schedule and when I pull back to a weekly schedule, it may be the case that guest weeks will hit 2 episodes per week.

Hopefully, that makes sense. I’m not sure how often we’ll be able to get guests on, I have been sounding out some people already and it’s had mixed success, so we’ll have to wait and see. One thing I want to mention about this is that depending on the guest and subject, I do not intend to just use the podcast as a mouthpiece for book promotion for authors. I don’t want to sound overly harsh or combative here because that also won’t be my intention and certainly, not all guests will even be saying anything that needs challenging, but if it’s a subject that requires hard questions, I have no qualms asking them. The reason I want to do this is mostly based around the fact that I feel far too often Podcasts give guests who make extraordinary claims a free ride and that won’t be the angle I’ll be approaching this from.

So that’s the changes! I’m looking forward to Season 2 kicking off next week, giving you guys a bigger and better show and the chance to meet Sally. I feel like although it’s quite a lot to adjust at one time, it’s better to do it at the start of the Season and grow into it, which is why I was holding a lot of this off for the past month or two. It’s a good looking future for Dark histories. I’m constantly learning and growing with the show and always thoroughly humbled to have you all on board with me for the ride!