I’ve been considering this for a while now and today got the ball rolling so that Dark Histories episodes can be made available as an audio-only podcast as well as the usual videos over on my YouTube channel.I’m a big fan of podcasts myself, and whilst I like the video format since I can draw up maps and timelines etc. which help the narrative along, I appreciate that some people just want to subscribe and listen to the audio on a phone or something and YouTube isn’t the best option for that. In future I’ll continue to create the videos and the podcast version will be released simultaneously (well, give or take 10 minutes, I’m not a robot!). All previous episodes have been converted and uploaded already. Gosh, I’m good to you.I’ve also added a new page where you can find subscription links which I’ll be adding as and when the podcast gets accepted to each service. It’s currently under review for iTunes and Stitcher, which can take a few days but should be good to go soon. If you have any requests for other platforms, or anything else really, get in touch and let me know. Cheers!