I’ve spent much of the last week trying to get to grips with the world of podcasts and the show has been submitted to most directories now. You should be able to find it anywhere you usually want to find podcasts, minus the Google Play store, that’s still the US only, though a little bit of VPN magic may or may not have solved that issue. Still waiting to see on that. Links to the big ones over here if you’re looking.Outside of that little bit of legwork though, I’ve had fun reading up on how to produce the best show I can. I’ve settled on a schedule which going forward will see consistent releases, barring anything catastrophic. I’m going to be releasing new episodes on a Sunday and my thinking behind that is that being a relatively shorter show, with episodes aiming to come in at 20 minutes long, I think Dark Histories works well as a show for commuters or a bed-time listen and so Sunday seemed the logical choice, allowing subscribers to get the new episode ready for the start of each new week. For those really keen, I also figured Sunday evening was a nice, chilled one usually where people can sit down and listen to some grim stories.And I’ve been hyper surprised at the traction the podcast is gaining already. Viewing my analytics, people seem to be listening every day and more than I initially expected considering my lack of promotion (and lack of confidence to promote). The show has also managed to hit 12 different countries so far! That’s brought me a new personal goal. Gotta catch ’em all!So onward and upwards… Thanks to everyone who listened so far and I hope you’ll subscribe and continue to listen. I have one request and that’s please leave a review on iTunes if you get a moment, that seems to be the gold standard for getting a show off the ground, so badgering listeners about that might be a thing for a short while until the organic traffic picks up further!Cheers everyone, it’s been a fun week watching how the podcast has been going down and here’s to many more episodes to come!