Affiliates and Bonus Episodes

Feb 25, 2018

It’s been a little while since I wrote a blog post, so I thought I’d drop in, touch base, you know… all that.

So Sally has been on board for a few episodes now and I’m really pleased with the way it’s opened the show up and given it some room to breathe. I think having a co-host was a really good move all told and I’m pleased I pulled the trigger on it. It was stark in the last episode (EP04 of Season 2) when Sally was away and I had to do it all on my own. Despite doing that for the entirety of Season 1, it suddenly felt very hard and listening back to the episode, it all felt really lacking already. So I think that’s a good sign. I’ve had some great feedback on the change too, so yeah, that’s all been really great and I couldn’t be happier with the way the show is currently moving forward!

A couple of new things coming this week are bonus episodes dropping for the $3+ Patreons over on our patreon page, which were something really fun to start recording. They’re a whole lot more casual than regular episodes and right now, Sally and I are going back to the older episodes in Season 1 and looking at them in retrospect. Basically, Sally expressed to me that she was gutted to have missed out on doing some of the subjects from Season 1 and so I thought, hey, why not do them now, as bonus episodes? So that’s how that started. I hope you’ll enjoy them!

Secondly, from this week, we’ll be running a small Audible ad in the show. As I’ve said before, in the patreon video and in the blog, I do love making the podcast, it’s 100% my favourite thing, but it does cost me money currently and it’s actually more than you might expect. Podcasting is weird in that it seems there are not any robust free options for anything. Hosting and everything costs money, which is strange, in that hosting audio files should, one would assume be much cheaper for a company than hosting video and yet, there are plenty of free video hosts and only a few free podcast hosts, which I’ve tried before and were crap, frankly. The last one caused Dark histories a fair bit of grief in the beginning days, constantly dropping out and making the show offline. It really sucked basically. Anyway, point is, I reached out to audible and they accepted my application to become an affiliate. This basically means that I can offer you guys our link and if you sign up for the free trial, we get a small amount of money. So.. its just another way for me to support the show alongside Patreon which, whilst I love the idea of Patreon and hate ads, it’s hardly on fire over there. Actual supporters are about 0.5% of our current listernership., which is why those guys are so awesome. I actually am quite pleased despite not really wanting to run ads, that we got Audible. I’m a member of Audible and I do think it’s pretty cool. I mean, I’m a podcast listener and audiobooks are not a huge leap from there. Can’t beat a good physical book, but audiobooks are great for when I’m falling asleep in bed for example. Anyway, that’s the big news for the show these days I guess.

Oh, and I bought a new microphone and it’s really top tier. That’s in part thanks to my patrons, as I do save the money every month so that I can put it back into the show. It’s also thanks to my parents who gave me an Amazon gift card for Christmas… Hopefully, you guys notice the quality difference! Our next step is getting Sally something better to talk into.

Anyway, this is rambling enough I think. If you do fancy supporting the show, jump over to our support page and read or watch the video or just bugger it and hit up the links here to our patreon page or our Audible affiliate link. Thanks as always for listening. Onwards and upwards!