A small request! (iTunes reviews!)

Sep 25, 2017

Hey all, So Dark Histories has been launched for.. I think coming up three weeks now. The amount of listens its had is way beyond my expectations and we’re into thousands already, which is kind of bananas!I haven’t really even given it much promotion as 1: I wanted to get the audio as top notch as I could first (that’s done now!) and 2: I don’t really even know where to promote it.The long and the short of it, however, is that iTunes matters. iTunes actually matters more than anything else. Love it or hate it, that’s where the organic traffic comes from. So, I’m just going to chuck this out there and ask that if you enjoyed the podcast, please leave me a small review or rating. If you didn’t like it you can too, but I doubt you’d be reading this if that were the case, I’m sure…If you don’t use iTunes then no worries, me either unless I have to, but if you do, please consider dropping in and giving your opinion! I appreciate it on a lot of levels, not only because solid reviews help to build traffic to the podcast, but because I get to see your feedback too! I don’t have much social stuff set up yet so it’s nice if I can see what people are thinking concerning the podcast, where they’d like it to go and what they make of it so far etc. It shouldn’t take you more than a minute or two, can do it straight from the podcasts app and it will mean a shedload to me, that’s gotta be value right there!?Anyway, I don’t like to harp on about things and bug people, hence I don’t talk about this in any of the episodes, but “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” so they say. Thanks for listening, visiting the site, hopefully subscribing (?!) and if you can drop me that review, then THANK YOU, have a bloody wonderful day!